The American Diabetes Association estimates that 25% of seniors have some form of diabetes, and that number is expected to increase as the population of adults over the age of 60 grows.

    Diabetes is a health condition that prevents a person’s body from properly processing sugars, which leads to an elevation in blood sugar levels and negative health effects. Not only does diabetes have its own health concerns, it can also make other preexisting conditions, like heart disease and kidney disease, worsen.

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    Diabetes Can be Managed

    diabetes can be managed

    Fortunately, diabetes can be managed. It is important for older adults to seek proper care from their personal care team including their family, physician, nutritionist, and caregiver. Harmony Home Care can provide at-home care services to those who are dealing with diabetes to approach their condition with strategies including:

    • Diet - Your diet plays a huge role in diabetes management. A nutritious diet that is low in sugar is important for reducing complications and other symptoms from the disease. Saturated fats and sugar found in fruit also need to be considered. Diabetes educators can help diabetic seniors plan meals that will help them prevent disease and maintain care for their overall health.
    • Education - Seniors should be educated on how significant their diabetes diagnosis and treatment regimen can be. Depending on the physician's recommendations, changes may need to be made to a senior’s diet, medications, and exercise. New symptoms, risk factors, and medical care may arise as a result of diabetes. It is important for seniors to learn everything they can about diabetes and how to treat it. 
    • Exercise - Seeking health care professional advice is one of first steps for seniors that want to create an exercise plan. Although the American Diabetes Association recommends up to 30 minutes of exercise each day, that activity level is not always possible for everyone. Fortunately, short periods of activity completed throughout the day can be just as helpful when managing diabetes. Seniors should speak to their physician before beginning an exercise program. 
    • Prescribed Medications - Negative effects can arise for those with diabetes if a dose of medication is missed. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors who have a tough time tracking dosage can set up a reminder system in the form of an alarm, pill box, checklist, or prompt your loved one to take their medication or insulin.
    • Checking Blood Glucose Levels - Seniors with diabetes will have to keep an eye on their blood glucose levels. A physician can instruct seniors on how often they should be checking to see if their blood glucose levels are too high or low. Low blood pressure and cholesterol levels can also indicate diabetes and heart disease complications, and should be checked on a regular basis by a healthcare professional. Our caregivers can help remind your loved one when testing is necessary.
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    How Harmony Home Care Helps

    how we help

    Diabetes needs continual control and management to avoid diminishing your loved one’s quality of life. Daily household tasks can become difficult for older adults who care for themselves when suffering from complications associated with diabetes diagnosis. Harmony Home Care provides at-home health care and support to seniors who face challenges and complications from diabetes. Our dedicated at-home caregivers provide high-quality, personalized diabetes care services to seniors who wish to live independently in their most familiar environment. Improve your seniors quality of life with at-home care services.

    If you are caring for a loved one who is diagnosed with diabetes, then you understand the daily needs that come with caring for your loved one. Caregiving for a senior suffering from physical limitations and chronic illnesses can become overwhelming for family members. Many families believe that their loved one would receive better care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home where residents can receive consistent care.

    Moving your seniors out of the privacy and comfort of their home to live in an assisted living facility may not be the best option for their wellbeing. Residents in nursing homes suffer from understaffed caregivers, leaving your loved one with inadequate attention. Additionally, the cost of assisted living adds up over time.

    The more viable option is to choose at-home care. Harmony Home Care caregivers provide the daily support that your loved one needs while staying in the comfort of their home. We provide peace of mind to family members that want the best care for their loved one.

    We provide in-home assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Let our team of professionally-trained caregivers help your loved one thrive in the comfort of home. Call us at 888-772-5474.

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    Harmony Home Care Can Customize a Program to Help You

    Harmony Home Care Can Customize a Program to Help You

    Harmony Home Care can create a program customized to your loved ones needs including:

    Personal Care Services

    • Insulin management
    • Medication control
    • Mobility assistance
    • Toileting assistance
    • Bathing, grooming, dressing, and feeding assistance

    Companionship Services

    • Providing clients with companionship
    • Accompanying clients to medical appointments
    • Accompanying clients to recreational and social activities
    • Engaging in meaningful conversations with clients

    Give Harmony Home Care a call today at 888-772-5474 and inquire about our free in-home assessment. We’d love to share more about how we can help your family by providing top-quality care and peace of mind.

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    Although there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed with a well balanced diet, exercise, and prescription medications directed by a healthcare professional. Diabetic seniors may need assistance with medication and household tasks. Harmony Home Care can provide these types of services and more with our team of professional at-home caregivers who recognize the specific needs of diabetic seniors.

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