Continuity of care is especially important for families who have children with ongoing medical needs or chronic health conditions. We work to get to know your child’s unique personality in order to provide your family with unsurpassed, compassionate care that not only brings peace of mind, but also meets your child’s complex medical, safety, emotional, and daily living needs.

    To learn more about our care coordination, assistive care, individualized school support, intermittent visits, and private duty services designed especially for pediatric clients and their families, as well as payment options, contact us at 888-772-5474.

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    Assistive Care

    Pediatrics Assistive Care

    Our experienced and knowledgeable home health aides provide compassionate non-medical care for pediatric clients, both at home and at school. Services include:

    • Dressing and grooming
    • Bathing and toileting
    • Walking, moving, and transferring (including safe use of wheelchairs)
    • Exercise and playing
    • Meal preparation, help with eating, and nutritious food selection
    • Traveling to and from school and on field trips
    • Care in the classroom

    To learn more about assistive care, contact us today at 888-772-5474.

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    Individualized School Support

    Pediatrics School Support

    Our dedicated team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and home health aides are experts in caring for children in school, including those who need complex, high-tech nursing care.

    Depending on your child’s needs, individualized school support services can include:

    • Daily transportation assistance on the school bus, to and from school
    • One-on-one care throughout the school day
    • Ongoing clinical supervision
    • Facilitating classroom tasks, such as turning pages and working on a computer
    • Working with the school to support your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Assisting with personal care tasks, such as toileting and cutting up food
    • Support on school trips

    To learn more about individualized school supports available for your child or loved one, contact us at 888-772-5474.

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    Intermittent Visits

    Pediatrics Care Coordination

    Our team can provide one or more intermittent pediatric home visits which are designed to evaluate care, provide ongoing education for the pediatric client and family, and complete a comprehensive assessment of the child’s care needs. Contact us today at 888-772-5474 to learn about intermittent visits.

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    Private Duty Nursing

    Pediatrics Private Duty

    There truly is no place like home, and children should not sacrifice quality care when at home. We work with a wide range of skilled professionals to coordinate care services that support bringing your child home regardless of medical complexity to help him or her thrive. Our highly-skilled professional team can help children diagnosed with:

    • Respiratory syndromes and dysfunctions
    • Gastrointestinal disorders
    • Cardiovascular anomalies
    • Hematologic and immunologic disorders
    • Endocrine disorders (including insulin pumps)
    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Congenital anomalies
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Anoxic and traumatic brain injuries
    • Neoplastic diseases
    • Premature birth
    • Tracheotomies
    • Mechanical ventilation
    • Feeding disorders (cleft lip/palate, NGT/GT/JT)
    • Colostomies
    • Ileostomies
    • Peritoneal dialysis
    • Infusion therapies
    • Rehabilitation therapy
    • Palliative care

    To learn more about our expert private duty nursing services, contact us at 888-772-5474.

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    Care Coordination

    Pediatrics Coordination

    Because each pediatric client’s medical requirements are unique, our care coordination and planning may involve a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who share our commitment to providing your child with extraordinary care. Your team may include:

    • RN Director of Patient Services
    • Pediatric Registered Professional Nurse
    • Licensed Practical Nurse
    • Home Health Aide or Personal Care Assistant
    • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Occupational, Physical, or Speech Therapists
    • Patient Care Advocate
    • Social Worker
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    Payment Options

    Pediatrics Private Duty Nursing

    Our top-rated pediatric home care is typically covered by Medicaid, but we also accept private pay, as well as several waiver programs and community resources. To discuss payment options, we recommend speaking with a highly-trained member of our care staff who can outline care and payment options that meet the needs of your child. Contact us today at 888-722-7454 to learn more.

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