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Harmony Crowns October's Corporate Star Performer!

In every organization, there are those special people who have a knack for solving problems.  With ease they are able to come to the rescue, adding greater efficiency to everyday tasks, and simply creating a better working environment for everyone involved.  Here in the offices of Capital Healthcare Services, that person is Brenda Senica, LPN, our Corporate Star Performer for the month of October!

Brenda hasn’t always graced the offices of Harmony Home Healthcare and Capital Healthcare.  She actually began her tenure here in July of 2015 as a nurse in the field.  Since then, her stellar work ethic and no-nonsense attitude have opened up new doors for her within the company, advancing her to the role of Nurse Clinical Coordinator for Harmony.  Needless to say, she’s been making waves and creating quite the name for herself!  Regardless of which department you work in here at Capital and Harmony, it’s common knowledge that Brenda gets things done, and is one-of-a-kind. 

“When I think of Brenda, I can think of no one better who lives and breathes our core values of being all in to win and committed by choice,” says Operations Manager, Rob Hicks.  “Recently, she accepted the opportunity to come into the office from the field to assist with improving a few of our processes.  She immediately took ownership of her responsibilities, and although she has faced challenges, you never see her without a smile on her face.” 

While Brenda misses her patients in the field, she looks at her new internal role at Harmony as a way to help them even more, just from a different direction.  Brenda’s superior problem-solving abilities, and willingness to take on anything that comes her way has already greatly affected and benefited our internal procedures, which in turn helps our clients, consumers, and employees.  “What keeps me going is my commitment to achieving goals, no matter how difficult it can be at times,” says Brenda.  She prides herself in a job not only done, but done well, and she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty in the process.

Brenda also thrives working in a team setting, and it helps when they are just as motivated as she is!  “My favorite thing about working at Harmony is the positive interaction between myself and my co-workers, and the willingness we show to help each other to achieve our goals on a daily basis.”  The tight-knit Harmony team has grown even stronger with the combination of Brenda’s leadership and cooperative abilities.

When Brenda isn’t on the clock, she loves to attend concerts, go to the gym, go shopping, and add to her tattoo collection.  She also loves spending quality time with her friends and family.  “I have three adult children who are the greatest loves of my life,” she says.  She also loves her rescue American Mastador puppy, Jaxx, named after the infamous character on “Sons of Anarchy”.  Another fun fact about Brenda is that she loves anything relating to Marilyn Monroe, which becomes strikingly evident when visiting her office cubical!

We thank Brenda for her relentless efforts and extraordinary work ethic, and we are honored to pass the trophy along to her this month! 


Harmony and Capital Select September's Corporate Star Performer!

This month, Capital and Harmony are honored to pass the torch to Shannon Gutwald, September’s Corporate Star Performer!  Shannon began her tenure at Capital Healthcare this year as an Employment Specialist.  As soon as she joined the team, it was clear that we were not only getting a fantastic worker, but a genuine and upstanding person as well.  Conversing with prospective hires and aiding future employees throughout the hiring process were things she did with great ease, and a stellar attitude. 

Now, in her new role as Patient Care Coordinator for Harmony Home Healthcare, Shannon’s helpful nature and exceptional work ethic show in flying colors as she schedules our hard-working nurses and assists our clients. “I love the daily interactions with the families and staff, and I like learning more about who they are and the different things that might be going on in their lives,” Shannon says. “Knowing that a short conversation with someone on a bad day can sometimes make a huge difference makes my job worthwhile.”  It’s the personal touch she adds to her conversations with clients and employees that make a world of difference.

“People cannot help but feel Shannon’s excitement and the energy she brings day in and day out to her clients and employees,” says Rob Hicks, Operations Manager. “She truly understands how she impacts the lives of others by providing extraordinary care!”  Shannon’s excitement and positive attitude are certainly two traits that make her so well-liked and admired throughout the office and within the company in general.  She’s the type of person who thrives in a team setting, and genuinely enjoys helping others. “I’m a people person by nature,” Shannon says. “Striving every day to be better than the day before keeps me moving forward—there is always something new to learn!”

Working in the fast paced, often demanding, environment of staffing and scheduling, Shannon is always on her toes and ready to handle any challenge that comes her way. “One of Capital and Harmony’s core values is to look at situations not as problems but opportunities, and Shannon does this on a daily basis when she encounters any obstacle to ensure that her clients receive the best care possible,” Rob says.  It’s her commitment to her clients and employees that show just how dedicated Shannon truly is.

We often joke that even when Shannon is angry, she still has a smile on her face.  In truth, her positivity and optimism are both admirable and contagious.  It takes an awful lot to get Shannon down, and she’s never there for long.  “Every day is a new adventure,” she says.  “There are exciting things happening all the time, so I never know what to expect.  My co-workers, field staff, and families are all wonderful to work with.  It’s like a second family.”  Both her ability to see the good in everything, and her knack for building strong relationships are things we should all strive for.

In Shannon’s spare time, she loves spending time with her two dogs, Lola and Evee, and her aptly named three-legged cat, Tripod.  Animal lovers anywhere would be entertained by her heartwarming, and often hilarious stories involving her three fur-babies.  She also loves spending time with her family, taking weekend getaways, and going on adventures with friends. 

Capital and Harmony are lucky to have an employee as wonderful as Shannon!  She makes the office a better place to work every day just by being herself, and we’re all better for having her in the Capital and Harmony family!

Stay tuned next month to see who the next Corporate Star Performer will be!

Harmony and Capital Select August's Corporate Star Performer!

For the month of August, we’re happy and honored to announce that our next Corporate Star Performer is Sarah Hoffman, Senior Compliance and Credentialing Specialist for our travel nursing division, American Medical Traveler.  The AMT team may be small, but it is mighty!  Sarah works behind the scenes, keeping the job orders fresh, and our hard-working nurses credentialed and ready to go.  There are deadlines to meet, files to review, and a lot of data to sort through, but Sarah never fails to show grace under pressure while accomplishing these tasks!

A big part of Sarah’s work ethic stems from her athletic background.  As a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and athlete, she has team work and competition flowing through her veins. “She comes from an athletic background and certainly understands the effort and grind it takes to win a match, which can be seen in her everyday work,” Lou Downey, Account Manager, says. “Since she has started here, we have never missed a deadline in fulfilling a client’s order, and this speaks volumes about her relentless drive to get the job done!”  Sarah attributes this to her natural competitive nature, but we know it also has to do with her fantastic work ethic and attitude as well!

Sarah’s positive attitude is both admirable and contagious! It doesn’t take long getting to know Sarah before discovering how upbeat she is, and how much she loves to laugh.  But according to Sarah, when you work with such a great team, it’s easy to be in a good mood! “My favorite thing about my job is my team!” Sarah says. “Everyone here has such great and unique qualities, and they are all a pleasure to work with.”

Besides being such an effective Credentialing and Compliance Specialist, she is also our resident health and fitness guru in the office, full of energy and helpful advice.  In fact, she can even be spotted performing yoga moves in the hallway adjacent to her desk now and again, and she likes to break up the day by taking quick breaks to run the hallway stairs.  Talk about motivation!

When Sarah isn’t working, she enjoys remaining active by playing tennis and working out.  “I’ve played tennis for a long time, and I’m lucky to be on several successful teams this year!” she says.  She’s also a very passionate and avid Chicago Cubs fan, showing her team pride whenever possible.  Lastly and most importantly, she loves spending time with her husband and three children, who share her signature red locks.  It’s obvious that the kids idolize their mom a great deal, as they’re all growing up as proud Cubs fans and following in her athletic footsteps! 

It’s hard to imagine what the office was like before Sarah Hoffman burst onto the scene, and we hope to have her in our Capital/Harmony/AMT family for years to come! “Everyone in the office knows how passionate Sarah can be.  She is all in to win!” Lou says. “We are so honored to have her on our AMT team, and I look forward to many years working alongside of her.”

If you see Sarah and her flashy trophy, be sure to wish her congratulations, and stop by next month to see who the next Corporate Star Performer will be!


Harmony and Capital Select July's Corporate Star Performer!

Art, Kim, Al

For the month of July, we would like to recognize Kim Miller, our kind and hard-working Payroll Specialist, as our Corporate Star Performer!  The world of payroll can be a hectic one.  It is easily one of the most important spokes to the wheel of any company, and there is never a dull moment!  When payroll challenges arise, Kim is there with a constant smile on her face to find solutions that put our employees’ hard-earned wages in the bank!

For anyone who has worked with Kim, it doesn’t take long to realize she may easily be one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!  “You will never catch Kim without a smile on her face,” says Justine Moyer, Human Resources Generalist, “She is a true team player and one of the kindest people in the organization.”  For Kim, that positivity is just part of what makes each day manageable and worthwhile.  “What keeps me going is my drive to be the best person I can be every day, and to find the positive things in everything around me,” Kim says. 

What makes working with Kim even better is that she’s always willing to go the extra mile to help her colleagues, as well as our hard-working medical professionals in the field.  “She goes above and beyond to make sure all of our employees who submit timesheets are paid each week, and if they have any issues she will be the first to resolve them,” says Clark Hoopes, Financial Analyst.  Despite long days, endless phone calls, and many interruptions from us in the office, at the end of the day Kim enjoys her work, and she genuinely wants to help.  “I like working with numbers and being able to troubleshoot issues to help people understand their paychecks,” she says.

When Kim’s enjoying her off-time, she likes spending as much of it as possible with her family and friends.  Whether attending her son’s hockey games, her daughter’s soccer games, or simply relaxing outside with homemade pizza and a fire, any time spent together is quality.  Kim also has a passion for building things, and she and her husband have recently begun selling their homemade woodworking items.  Something else interesting to note about Kim is that she’s much stronger than she looks! “I can squat press and dead lift a little over 200 pounds, and sled pull around 300…so watch out for ‘Biller Miller’” she says. 

For all of Kim’s hard work and accomplishments at Capital Healthcare and Harmony Home Healthcare, she doesn’t ask for the attention or recognition. “She is the kind of person who doesn’t want the attention she deserves,” says Al Ragan, CFO, “but she is the example of what it means to be ‘relentless to succeed’ and ‘all in to win.’”  So, for the rest of July we’re giving Kim the attention we KNOW she deserves! 

For all that you do, Kim, we thank you.  We’re grateful for your dedication, hard-work, and simply for the person you are! 

Stay tuned next month to see who the next Star Performer will be!


Harmony and Capital Select June's Corporate Star Performer!

Rob, Missy, and Art

Harmony and Capital are pleased to announce the winner of the Corporate Star Performer Award for June—Melissa Annesi! Since she started her career here over a year ago as an Account Executive for the Health and Human Services division, she has excelled beyond everyone’s expectations, proving that she is relentless to succeed!  As any Account Executive knows, the duties and responsibilities that come with the job are not easy.  You are solving problems, and building and developing relationships with each and every frequent phone call and e-mail, ensuring that both your clients’ and employees’ needs are being met.  Missy has not only proven she is up to the task, but has also shown that she can carry out her work responsibilities with efficiency, grace, and pristine punctuality!

“When Missy joined the team, we knew she would bring a wealth of knowledge regarding Health & Human Services and IDD clientele with her,” Andy Kirik, COO says. “What we hoped for was a solid high level contributor to our organization.  What we got is a passionate person who puts the needs of her field staff and clients above her own.” 

Missy is the sole Account Executive for this division, staffing needs in facilities such as Community Group Homes, Program Centers, and Campus Centers, often coming in early and staying late just to ensure she has done all she can to help her clients and staff.  This all-in-to-win attitude is just one of the things that makes Missy stand out so much! Her passion is another. “She is passionate about her role as she has a full understanding of how we impact those with whom we serve,” says Rob Hicks, Client Services Manager.

Missy genuinely enjoys her role as an Account Executive, identifying the people she serves as the ones who keep her going each day.  “Talking to my clients and staff every day, building relationships with them, and getting to know them on a personal level is what inspires me,” Missy says.  She also enjoys the familial atmosphere of working for Capital and Harmony, and the support system and team of managers and executives who have embraced her whole-heartedly.  “It is so comforting to know that there is a support team here at work,” Missy says, identifying and praising her manager, Rob Hicks; Andy Kirik, COO; and Key Account Executive, Vicki Arnett as her support network, always willing to answer her questions and offer help. 

When Missy is enjoying her downtime, she loves spending time with her family and friends, and enjoying time outdoors.  She likes to stay active by hiking, walking, and of course—shopping!  She also has a passion for antiques and going picking for and collecting old, vintage treasures. 

For all of these reasons and more, we are proud to honor Missy with this award!  “Through her hard work and dedication, Missy has formulated strong professional relationships with staff within the office, her clients, and her staff working in the field,” Rob says.  She is a great team player, and a fantastic representation of our company’s core values!  You can catch Missy sporting her extravagant award all month long at our Bethel Park office until it’s time to pass it on to our next Corporate Star Performer!


Harmony's Pediatric Nurse Case Manager Obtains Certified Care Manager Credential

thumbs up

Harmony would like to congratulate our own Pediatric Nurse Case Manager, Ginger Townsend BSN, RN, on obtaining her Care Manager Certification!  This certification is just one more way that Ginger can ensure that she is bringing the highest level of care to her patients.  This CMC credential through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) is highly sought after, and requires all candidates who are seeking to obtain it meet extensive experience, education, and supervision requirements before they are even qualified for the exam.  The CMC exam then tests the candidates on the five domains that are exclusive to care management.  Ginger passed this exam with flying colors, and we could not be more proud of her and her relentless efforts!  To learn more about the CMC credential, visit

Harmony Celebrates National Nurses Week

Nurses Week

Nobody works harder than those in the healthcare and human services industries, and no one knows that better than nurses.  Nurses, for all of your hard work, commitment to your patients, compassionate care, and relentless efforts, we commend you.  This is your week! During National Nurses Week, we at Capital Healthcare Services and Harmony Home Healthcare, would like to extend a special thanks to you, our nurses, as you continue to provide the highest level of quality care to your patients. You deserve special recognition for your efforts in delivering compassionate care while embodying our core values, as well as the principles of ethical practice in your profession. 

For the nurse who has put her work responsibilities before everything else, for the nurse who has put his social life on pause to pick up an extra shift, for the nurse who can’t remember the last time he had a few consistent nights of good sleep, for the nurse who loves nothing more than to light up her patients’ faces with a smile even when she can barely muster up the energy to put one on her own, this is your week.  We see you, and we value you!

You have entered this career by answering a calling, and even when times get tough, and work cannot seem to get any more stressful, we hope you think back to why you began this journey in the first place.  You are fulfilling your purpose of providing exceptional care to other human beings, one of the noblest and most humbling professions in the world.  Even on what you think is your worst day, you are still making a difference in other people’s lives.  Never forget that!

For all of these reasons and more, we say THANK YOU! You keep this company moving with your character, integrity, passion, and commitment, and we wouldn’t be here without you!  We ask our RNs, LPNs, and CNAs to please check their e-mail inboxes for a little Nurses Week treat from us.


Harmony & Capital Kick Off Core Values and Unveil Huge Goals!

Any company can be a good company, but only the select few can be truly great.  One of the keys to being a great company is fostering a great culture, as well as highlighting the core values that make up the backbone of the organization.  Capital Healthcare Services can now confidently say that those two items have been ceremoniously crossed off the list!

kick off event group

On Thursday, March 30th, the internal employees of Capital Healthcare, Harmony Home Healthcare, and American Medical Traveler all congregated together at the Double Tree Hotel in Monroeville, PA to kick off our new core values. 

CEO, Art Hoopes, gave a stirring presentation highlighting the history of the company with its branches and divisions, getting down to the roots of the organization.  He also unveiled huge goals for the company’s future growth of hiring 2020 employees by the year 2020!  He stressed that while our future journey will take a lot of sweat and tears, it will also be a fantastic ride! 

Never in the history of Capital Healthcare Solutions, Harmony Home Healthcare, or American Medical Traveler, has the internal team been this committed, strong, and dedicated to the future of the organization!  We are all truly Committed by Choice to the clients we serve, and we are Relentless to Succeed in making Capital Healthcare Services the greatest company we possibly can! 

And perhaps most importantly…we know that Happiness is Healing!

Kick Off Group 2

Join us on this journey!  We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our Purpose

To build stronger communities by enriching the lives of others through memorable connections and extraordinary care.

Our Creed

We are an organization where Integrity Trumps All. We take the time to Stop, Listen and Understand when communicating with a colleague, client, patient or stranger because Relationships Matter.

We are Committed by Choice and will always be Relentless to Succeed because challengers are Not Problems but Opportunities

We thrive by personifying Passion for Compassion in everything we say and do, knowing that Happiness is Healing.  Only collectively will we fulfill our purpose so we are All in to Win!



November is National Homecare & Hospice Month!

 Home Health

November is National Homecare and Hospice Month, and in-home care providers across the country like Harmony Home Healthcare are standing up for the patients and families they serve. It’s not surprising that people prefer to be cared for in the comfort and dignity of their own homes. Home health, hospice and private duty homecare provide in-home medical services that are affordable and patient-focused.

 Home health provides skilled services, including nursing care and physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy. An agency will send a licensed professional into the home to assess home health needs and develop a care plan. A homecare worker can help a person with activities like remembering to take medications, preparing meals, transferring from a chair, toilet or bed, bathing, getting dressed, light housekeeping or transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. And hospice care brings together medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support for patients at the end of life and their families.

 Pennsylvania’s homecare community cares for millions of senior, disabled and chronically ill patients each year, including more than 2.2 million Medicare beneficiaries who receive clinically advanced, cost-effective care services in their own homes. Many healthcare treatments that were once only offered in a hospital or a physician’s office can now be safely, effectively, and efficiently provided in people’s homes by skilled clinicians. Home healthcare is less expensive, more convenient, and as effective as care provided in institutional settings.

November is also National Family Caregiver Month and Harmony Home Healthcare honors the commitment of family members who work to keep their loved ones at home. 

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